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Aloveen Dermcare Conditioner

Aloveen Dermcare Conditioner

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Aloveen Dermcare Conditioner:

Aloveen  Dermcare Conditioner serves as an ideal complement to Aloveen Shampoo. It is crafted for application directly onto the coat and can be left in, although rinsing it out is also acceptable if preferred by the pet owner. It proves exceptionally useful as a grooming aid between washes. The conditioner offers the following benefits:

For dogs with severe allergies or other skin conditions, additional medication prescribed by a veterinarian may be necessary. Dermcare Vet advises consulting your vet for further guidance if you believe additional treatments are needed beyond using Aloveen Shampoo and Aloveen Intensive Conditioner.

Pets with normal skin will enjoy the following advantages:

Clean skin and fur due to the gentle foaming action of the shampoo
Maintenance of natural coat oils thanks to the soap-free, pH-balanced formula
A glossy coat enhanced by emollients and moisturizers
Aloveen is also an excellent choice for dogs and cats with allergies, as it helps manage their often dry and itchy skin. Common skin issues such as ATOPY and CONTACT ALLERGY can also be addressed. Atopy typically refers to a multi-allergy condition including reactions to airborne pathogens, dust mites, and pollens, while contact allergies might occur from contact with specific grasses, irritating the feet and belly.

Aloveen conditioner aids in allergy treatment by:

Soothing the skin using superfine colloidal oatmeal and aloe vera
Removing allergens like pollen from the skin with its gently foaming shampoo base




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