• Li Jia

    Certified Pet Groomer

    Lijia loves pets and has two adorable dogs of her own. Lijia graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and worked as a designer before she decided to take a leap and pursue her lifelong dream in pet grooming! All her efforts came to fruition when she was awarded a trophy in the national grooming certification exam. Apart from rendering professional in her free time, she enjoys being a mother to her baby boy, affectionately known as Abel.

  • Joycelin

    Certified Pet Groomer

    Joycelin has loved animals all her life but only found her calling while taking up a temp job as a pet bather in a busy pet grooming salon. She committed to taking up a full time certification course in Pet Grooming and was certified with flying colours! Apart from having 2 dogs of her own, she also has a fluffy bunny and 2 greedy guinea pigs which explains why she has a magic touch when it comes to handling all kinds of pets.

  • Rachael

    Certfied Pet Groomer

    Rachael loves pets and all four legged animals and has been working as a pet groomer in Singapore for two years. She loves animals and cares deeply about helping them look and feel their best. Rachael is certified and experienced in grooming cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs.

  • Charlotte

    Certified Pet Groomer

    Ever since Charlotte had her first pet, it has always been her lifelong dream to work with animals. Through her work experience of grooming and interacting with different pets of various needs and personalities she has gained a wealth of knowledge in the field of grooming and her customers think that she’s been doing a fabulous job at making sure that their pets are groomed, happy and healthy. 

  • Nicole

    Certified Pet Groomer

    Ever since she was a little girl, Nicole has always dreamed of working with pets. Yet, life took her on a different path to pursue a degree in marketing followed by a 9-5 job as a marketer. But life also has a way of coming full circle when Nicole decided to take a leap of faith to make a career switch. Now, she grooms with several established grooming companies while fulfilling her lifelong dream of working with animals!

  • Shi Yu

    Certified Pet Groomer

    Gentle, kind, caring, Shi Yu has always loved animals since she was young and owns an adorable maltipoo named Honey! After trying her hand at working in an engineering company, she decided it was now or never, to pursue her ambition of working around animals. 

  • Kai Yun

    Certfied Pet Groomer

    Kaiyun's passion for dogs began ever since she was a kid. She grew up with two dogs, a Singapore Special and a Chihuahua, and loved taking care of them. She started learning grooming because she wanted to be hands-on with her own dogs at home, but ended up liking it so much that she decided to become a professional. Now she has two new fluffy additions to the family - a Poodle and a Bichon - making the total number 4!


    Kaiyun enjoys working with all kinds of pets of different breeds and sizes, and takes great pride in her work. Her experience, talent and eagerness to learn new techniques means you know your baby will turn out looking beautiful and smelling wonderful.

  • This could be you!

    Are you a certified Pet Groomer who loves and cares deeply for our little pet friends? We are looking for a certified pet groomer to join our amazing team. We provide our groomers with very attractive commission rates and transport allowance. To apply, send us your CV here.

  • SKC Certified Pet Groomer

    Certification means that the groomer has completed the relevant education and have passed a series of comprehensive practical and written tests. This certificate is internationally recognised and shows that our groomers have received training and certification from an accredited institution and have the skills and confidence to professionally serve our furry clients.

  • Knowledge in Pet Health & Nutrition

    Being an excellent groomer means that they are not only kept abreast in the latest grooming styles and trends, our groomers understand the fundamentals of pet health, first aid and nutrition. Regular grooming with The Grooming Angels can save your pet's life as our groomers can identify abnormalities on your pet which you may have missed. Some common ailments they come across could be a tumour, injury, excessive mat, fungal infection, and so on.

  • Certified in Low Stress Handling

    Our Groomers are able to understand not just the body language of fear and anxiety in dogs & cats, they know how to resolve the fears an animal has and they are able to provide care without worry of harm to ourselves or the animal, while providing a low stress and pleasant grooming experience for all kinds of pets.