Our Story

Dedicated to our passion and adoration for animal care, we are a team of groomers with over 10 years of pet grooming experience, offering house call grooming services since 2018.


Ever since, we have been providing loyal and loving pet care to the furry friends of Singapore. We pride ourselves on patience, kindness, and competence—and our clients would agree. It’s why so many of them use our services on a regular basis.


Remember, no job is too big or too small for us to handle. We can’t wait to start looking after your precious pet.

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Our Philosophy

Our pets mean the world to us, and they are a precious part of our family. We believe that routine grooming is an important part of keeping our pets clean and healthy. However, bringing your pet to the salon might not be a viable option for pets unable to travel out of home or for pet owners with hectic schedules. At The Grooming Angels, our mission is to bring an enjoyable grooming experience to your doorstep that your furry friend will love!

We believe that each grooming session should be a pleasant and stress-free experience for both pets and their owners. Crowded pet grooming salons, cage dryers, ticks and fleas, and multiple groomers handling your pet are just a few of the many concerns you may have about bringing your pet to a grooming salon. 


In a soothing and comfortable home setting, it brings us joy to watch pets enjoy their one-on-one grooming session with one dedicated groomer.

  • SKC Certified Pet Groomer

    SKC Certification means that the groomer has completed the relevant education and passed a series of comprehensive practical and written tests. This certificate is internationally recognized. Our groomers have received training and certification from an accredited institution and have the skills and confidence to better serve our furry clients.

  • Knowledge in Pet Health & Nutrition

    Being an excellent groomer means that our groomers are not only kept abreast of the latest grooming styles and trends, but they also understand the fundamentals of pet health, first aid, and nutrition. Regular grooming with The Grooming Angels can save your pet's life, as our groomers can identify abnormalities on your pet that you may have missed. Some common ailments they come across could include tumors, injuries, excessive mats, fungal infections, and so on.

  • Certified in Low Stress Handling

    Our groomers understand the body language of fear and anxiety in dogs and cats. They know how to resolve the fears an animal has, providing care without worry of harm to themselves or the animal, while ensuring a low-stress and pleasant grooming experience for all kinds of pets.